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Tumbang Preso


Performed by:


Kiana Valenciano


Billy Crawford


Written By: Noel Cabangon
Arranged By: Marcus Davis
Artwork By: Tasha Tanjutco


About the Art

The Artist

Natasha Mañosa Tanjutco has always been surrounded by art her entire life. Being the Grand daughter of Arch. Bobby Mañosa, her art takes inspiration from ethnic and traditional Filipino designs. She is a freshman at the Univeristy of the Philippines Diliman College of Fine Arts and wishes to continue advocating for change through art and design. Being the co-founder of a youth empowerment and charity organisation, Kids for Kids, she uses art as an outlet to create change in our society and environment as well as being the country representative for Bye Bye Plastic Bags Philippines. She hopes to raise awareness on the beauty of Filipino art and design and hopes this is achieved through the art she creates.


As seen in the Tumbang Preso artwork, many patterns have taken inspiration from ethnic and indigenous designs and are mixed with contemporary media to represent the mix of traditional and playful concepts that the Awit at Laro campaign promote — something nostalgically reinvented.”


The Piece

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